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Jia Panpan now weighs 40 kg and his sister, Jia Yueyue, weighs 38 kg.Both cubs still nurse from Er Shun, but the majority of their diet is made up of bamboo.

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After the ospreys migrated south in 2014, the light pole was removed for construction.

When the osprey returned, they tried to build a new nest on top of a construction crane, beginning a daily routine of the construction crew removing the nesting material followed by the ospreys bringing it back.

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- The Bountiful Police Department has released body cam video from the shots fired incident that occurred at Mueller Park Junior High earlier this month.

Police say on December 1, a 15-year-old student walked into the school with two guns he had stolen from his parents.

He will now eat them if they are soaked with a little bit of Ensure, which is something Er Shun gets on a daily basis as a supplement while the cubs are nursing.

The most interesting thing for our Keepers at the panda house is the amount of bamboo the cubs are now devouring!

Like other owls, the shape of their eyes limits their ability to move them in the eye sockets, but their necks can turn up to 270 degrees.

The shape of their eyes, their unusually high number of light sensitive cells, their large pupils, and a reflective layer behind the retina (called the “tapetum lucidum”) give them excellent nocturnal vision useful when hunting at night or navigating dark forests.

This is an exciting milestone as they are now considered to be sub-adults.

Although they still look like the cute cubs we all adore, they are over 1/3 the size of their mom, Er Shun!

Jia Panpan has finally begun to eat the leafeater biscuits that make up a good part of the adult pandas diet.

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