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These days, most cheap UVC webcams are simply Fixed-Focus peripherals, and high-end premium cameras tend to be auto-focus.

However, for use as a Document or Animation / Stop-Motion webcam, a manual focus camera may prove to be more optimal for the task.

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other webcams reviewed include the fire-i, pyro 1394 webcam, and the ibot standard.

the pyro 1394 webcam grabbed the top spot best overall value at $109. i figured i'd be the first one to say that, before some iq challenged pc user does. i'm not sure on how the others are at integration with osx. the problem with this though, is that they end up cannibalizing their 3rd party software makers to a certain extent.

macworld has a nice review of four top firewire webcams for mac os x.

apple's isight camera sets the standard for other firewire cams for mac os x in the review, with the only cons being low-light performance problems and costing us$50 more than the rest.

USB Video Class - Universal USB webcams are now the de-facto camera standard, the SMART choice for getting online and connected to pals, family and friends with the least amount of hassle and cross-platform compatibility.

No driver install is required on modern computer operating systems.

We've diligently worked to find and stock over 50 different Mac compatible hidden cameras to fit almost any surveillance need.

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(rip rare's nintendo days) – by ~-had a look at an apple isight cam in the flesh at slefridges and i have to say the dinky little thing is lovely.

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