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Since the package is open, another relevant advantage of Able Dating software is to allow customization from the buyer, according with their own needs.

Thanks ABK-SOFT, Let me just say that I got a great service, and support is given. You also have a great script provided Able-Dating and even install for me really top guys that testified of reliability and loyalty to your customers.

- Supports are GREAT even I asked stupid question sometime, so thanks to their attention and patient.

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Kip Massey have continually shown us speedy “expert” service.

You have made our experience great and leave us impressed with the level of response and support delivered consistently.

The script is quite expensive and doesn’t give me profit but full of problem.

It has been quite a long journey but I was able to find ABK – Soft Dating Script and I couldn’t be happier. ABLEDATING script is low price with advanced features; the team installed the dating software for me at no cost.


I was already bought dating software script on the net, but I’m not happy with it.

I found out Abledating , I must say, it is one the best dating software so for ,it provide everything .

I would like to Thank support center for their great help .

they are really helpful when I was installing the software and at any time when I had some question .

It was one of the best decisions I ever made when I when I bought Abledating.

Best regards, Carlos You like our portfolio and also need a good dating or community website? Call us at 1 (310) 928-7931 or write to [email protected], using MSN account [email protected]

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