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Shane Mc Clellan's father says his son was walking home from a friend's house Tuesday around 2 a.m.when he was approached by three black males and an Asian or Pacific lslander male.

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That means a holder of a 100 trillion bank note will on Monday get 40 cents.

The RBZ has set aside $20 million to pay Zimbabwean dollar currency holders.

That quote, translated into Chinese, was widely circulated on social media here.

By early afternoon on Tuesday, the topic had attracted 85 million readers on Sina Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, and 56,000 comments, making it comfortably the top trending item of the day.

Petitions to boycott United Airlines were also going viral on We Chat, a popular messaging service. It’s blatant racial discrimination,” a user called @Rhando_hiclarie wrote in a typical post.

“UA is super rubbish.” Some users pointed out the irony of United’s motto: “Fly the friendly skies,” but many saw incident as an example of American hypocrisy, and what one user called “a perfect illustration” of human rights in the United States. The security guy beat him until his face is covered in blood, is this the so-called American democratic society?

By Mac Donald Dzirutwe HARARE (Reuters) - Zimbabweans will start exchanging 'quadrillions' of local dollars for a few U. dollars next week, as President Robert Mugabe's government discards its virtually worthless national currency, the central bank said on Thursday.

The southern African country started using foreign currencies like the U. dollar and South African rand in 2009 after the Zimbabwean dollar was ruined by hyper-inflation, which hit 500 billion percent in 2008.

The study of human evolution has been revolutionized by inferences from ancient DNA analyses.

Key to these studies is the reliable estimation of the age of ancient specimens.

News that a passenger was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines plane has gone viral all over the world, but in China the outrage has been fuelled by one uncomfortable fact: The doctor who was pulled off the plane, first screaming and then bleeding, appeared to be of Asian origin, and was overhead complaining that this might have been a factor in his treatment.

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